lundi 17 novembre 2014

mercredi 19 décembre 2012

a CD based on this blog !

The Japanese label "OtO" has released in november a new CD of mine, based on this blog idea of proposing raw, pure, sound sources that I use in my albums. 

For this CD, called "Undetected (untreated recordings from on-site testimonies archives)" I have chosen to compile a selection of sounds extracted from my personal audio library, sounds that I have recorded sometimes at home, sometimes during my travels.

I have incorporated « field recordings » in almost all of my previous works but I never had the chance to present on disc these sounds untreated, exactly as they are, nothing added.

With this CD I hope to have achieved, with the help of a carefully chosen track listing, an enjoyable listening experience.

Released by OtO records, Fukushima, Japan in November 2012.
CD in jewel case, 200 copies. / 13.- euros (shipping included).

To order or to get more informations and audio extracts, visit this page.

Field recording : Weird voltage in EMF

Source sound : Weird electromagnetic activity in electronic circuit. (at home - no edit)
Recording gear : Zoom h4n Recorder & EMF detector

dimanche 16 septembre 2012

Field recording : Very Loud Rally Cars

Source sound : Very loud rally cars (sound pressure was way too loud for the recorder), Orense, Spain.
Recording gear : Zoom h2 Recorder & binaural microphone.

vendredi 3 août 2012

Field recording : Crickets in cages in Shanghai

Source sound : Crickets in cages at Xizang Nanlu Market, Shanghai (no edit).
Recording gear : Zoom h4n Recorder & binaural microphone.

lundi 19 mars 2012

Field recording : outside a bookstore in Shanghai

Source sound : sound advertising,  outside a bookstore at Fuzhou Lu Road, Shanghai (no edit)
Recording gear : Zoom h4n Recorder & binaural microphone

samedi 16 juillet 2011

mercredi 8 juin 2011

Field recording : Windows cleaners

Source sound : Windows cleaners on a skyscraper in Pudong, Shanghai (no edit - EQ : windcut)
Recording gear : Stereo condenser microphones